We all consume resources in our life. It is vital to develop this consumption sustainably to allow coming generations long lasting access to resources. They earn the right to rely on stable ecosystems. Ecology, economy and societal aspects need to find well-balanced consideration.


Sustainable production of resources imply to accompany projects from planning and resource extraction to aftercare when an operation already has been abandoned. The ecological footprint (measured as energy and resource consumption) is to be minimized. The latter reaches more than 70 billion tonnes per year, shared with 20 tonnes per capita and per year in Western Europe and 2 tonnes in Bangladesh.


The resource water is a foundation of all life and hence calls for a sustainable management. This is important to secure the quality of drinking water and to guarantee a water supply which preserves environment and resources. Existing supply structures are to be adapted to changing conditions(e.g. demographic change). Also, the management of water supply systems shall be designed to be increasingly efficient and safer. This requires an intelligent, responsible handling of the resource water.

Climate Protection:

Increasing concentrations of a number of gases in the atmosphere contribute to global warming. CO2 has a significant role here. The CO2 concentration is rising, now to values of around 405 ppm (Keeling curve, station Mauna Loa). However, it is discussed quite contrarily, what conclusions can be drawn from rising CO2 concentrations at the same time global warming seems to prograde slower (data from year 2000 onwards).

Important elements to fight against climate change are to increase energy efficiency, enhance energy savings, increase the use of renewable energy and utilize CCS. Here CCS stands for Carbon Capture and Storage. This refers to the capture of CO2 at the emitter and the storage of CO2 in deep geological underground. In the commodity sector, progress in the fields energy efficiency and energy savings in the last 20 years have been achieved. This trend will continue.