About me

Hello, my name is Thomas Thielemann. If you are interested in the interrelation between sustainable utilization of the subsurface, water management and the energy transition (Energiewende) in Germany, you are right on these pages. Extraction of resources, energy production and storage as well as the protection of our resources of drinking water are issues calling for a fair balance of interests. The goal has to be a sustainable development of our society.

These are some of the topics I worked on in the past: I did my PhD at the Research Centre Jülich (KFA) in cooperation with the University of Aachen. Subject was the balance of methane exchange across two coal-bearing sedimentary basins, the Ruhr Basin and the Lower Rhine Embayment in Germany. The contribution of these coal basins to greenhouse gas emissions into the fossil atmosphere of the last 320 million years was determined. Generation processes of coalbed methane were identified. I analyzed the spatial correlation between recent methane surface emissions and mining subsidence troughs.Subsequently, I joined the Geological Survey of Northrhine-Westphalia (NRW) in Krefeld to develop and compile a data base on the near-surface utilization of geothermal energy in NRW. The study showed that more than three quarters of the NRW territory are suitable for near-surface geothermal energy production (up to 100m depth) to heat houses. 

Five years of energy resources consultation followed with the German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) in Hannover as well as with the German Ministry of Economics in Berlin. Focus was the in-depth analysis of world fuel markets, concerning supply of oil, gas, hard coal and lignite. Now I work with RWE (Germany) in the whole carbon value chain. Topics are the geology of reserves, water management, 3D reservoir modeling, sustainable resource management, exploration on strategic resources, emission balances (carbon footprint), R&D as well as CCS. These are key subjects to jointly develop water, climate protection and the energy sector.  

These are examples of what I also do

  • Photographies of countryside and nature
  • Hiking in mountain ranges, mainly in Europe
  • Genealogical research within my family